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The right lock for your door frame

The right lock for your door frame

Burglar testing door frame in ToowongWhen it comes to locks there is no ‘one lock fits all’ unfortunately. There are very many different variations in design and style or lock, function of the lock, security level, access control, door construction and door jamb construction. Often with buildings in Toowong the lock needs to suit the door frame. The door frame is often the weakest link in the locks’ security when it comes under attack by would be thieves.

Steel door frames, are fitted to some new houses and generally all apartments in Toowong. Apartments and houses have to be treated differently due to Australian Standards for apartment doors.

An extra lock for an apartment door will usually require a special metal frame strike which is surface mounted and fitted by screws that attach directly to the frame. A lock such as the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch is commonly fitted to this type of door. The strength in this deadlatch strike comes from the direct attachment to the steel frame.

A steel frame house can also have the same type of deadlatch fitted as an apartment door. They can also have a tubular style deadlock fitted. The bolt from a tubular deadlock such as a carbine ALB deadbolt is morticed in the centre of the door. The bolt is thrown into a hole that is cut out of the door frame. A steel frame can offer a lot of strength for a tubular deadbolt as the strength of the frame is used when attacked by brute force.

Timber door frames differ greatly in their design and type of timber used in their construction. A good knowledge of the type of timber and construction methods are required to choose the best lock for the frame.

Some doors in Toowong have a glass panel next to the door and a very thin door frame. Often a stronger surface mounted deadlock or deadlatch is better for these doors. The fixings for the strike use screws that go deep into the wooden frame to take advantage of the strength of the full door frame timber. A tubular deadlock or knob set might not suit this frame as when the bolt hole is drilled, the strength of the timber is not as strong.

Mortice lock strike fitted to wooden door frame in ToowongMortice locks can give better strength then an entrance set or tubular deadlock when fitted to a wooden frame door. The mortice lock usually has a longer face which is morticed into the frame. The mortice strike uses more surface area to spread any force from an attack.

To get the best lock for your door frame and door there are many things that need to be considered. It is best to consult a qualified locksmith to get the best advice regarding the strength of a particular lock that you require fitting.